Early Morning & Morning Desert Safari Dubai is the perfect alternative to evening desert safari. Going to the desert safari is the number #1 thing to do in Dubai. Witnessing the dawn in Red Sand Dunes of Dubai is another level of an enriching experience.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Camel Ride, Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding

Enjoy the short camel Ride in Morning Desert Safari Dubai. Ultimate Morning Safari with the Pickup & Drop off, Sand Boarding, ATV Quad Bike and Dune Bashing with All UAE TOURS. Admire the dream journey the beautiful scenery with the thrill Dune bashing and more.

Morning Desert Safari Includes

Our Lehbab Morning Safari includes:

  • Pick up from your Hotel
  • Committed Sunrise Scenery
  • Thrilling desert dune driving in 4×4 (Dawn)
  • Sandboarding (Surf The Golden Sand)
  • Camel Ride (Dubai Morning Camel Ride)
  • Quad Bike (Extra Charges)
  • Refreshment, Arabian Breakfast
  • Hot and Cold Drinks
  • Drop off at your Hotel

Not Suitable For

  • Pregnant Women
  • Children Under the age of 4

Morning Dubai Safari Tour Packages

Unbeatable Sunrise Morning Safari Package with the best services and price. You can also enjoy the quad bike in the morning safari.

  • Morning Desert Safari 150AED Child
  • Morning Desert Safari for adults 180AED
  • Morning Safari packages with Quad Bike AED 350AED
  • Morning Safari with Camel Ride Additional 350AED

Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Escape the busy skyscraper Dubai on a morning with 4×4 into the Arabian Desert. Sunrise morning desert safari starts from the pickup at 05:00 AM and drops off at 08:00 AM. Get the instant Early Morning Desert Safari booking information.

Early Morning Safari Package

Our special Early Morning Dubai Desert Safari packages are;

  • Early Morning Safari price per person 350AED
  • Early Morning Safari with Quad Bike 500AED
  • Early Morning Safari with Camel Ride 500AED

Make Your Vacation to remember in the Dubai Desert. Experienced how people travel in the old ancient time. All UAE TOURS offers the best deal from the safari operator in Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari FAQ’s

  1. What is the early and morning desert safari pickup time?

    Early Morning Desert Safari starts with a pickup at 5:00 AM and Morning Desert Safari starts with pickup at 8:00 AM.

  2. Can we enjoy morning desert safari with a camel ride?

    Yes, you can enjoy a short camel ride in your existing morning safari tour

  3. How can I book a morning safari tour?

    You can easily book your tour with the booking form or by contacting us through WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp button.

  4. What is the morning desert safari price per person?

    Morning Desert Safari tour costs 150 AED per person which includes all morning safari tour activities with 4×4 Landcruiser pickup.

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