Desert Safari in Dubai is the most recommended tourist attraction in the Arabian Desert. Desert Safari tour provides excellent experience of 4WD Dunes Safari, Camel Ride in Desert, Sand Surfing, Live Entertainments like belly dance, tanoura, and fire shows.

We Dubai Tourism & Travel Services provided tourists with wonderful experiences from 1976. We have perfect deals and packages for solo, family, couples, and large groups. A visit to UAE / Dubai now never considered complete without the desert safari tour due to its vast activities.

An adventure 6 hours break from the hustle of the city. Experience the sunset in Golden Sand dunes. There are different safari packages so you must know which one is best for you. 

Desert Safari Timing

Desert safari is a 5 to 6 hour tour whether you do it in morning or evening. 

Desert Safari Activities

There are different safari activities which vary based on the package type you select. But the 4×4 pick and drop is free for all the packages.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is off-roading done on 4×4 vehicles on Deserts. In dune bashing you will thrill yourself by drifting over the desert by increasing and decreasing speed. Mostly dune bashing vehicles are especially designed and customized keeping the safety of passengers in mind.

Camel Ride

Camel ride is an old traditional Arabian way of transport. Camels are known as the ship of the desert.

Thrill Adventure

For the thrill seekers there are activities like quad biking, Dune buggy and own car safari.

Sand Surfing

Sand Boarding / Sand Surfing is just like snowboarding. But it’s done on the desert dunes. You take the board to the highest dune and from there you surf the board over the sand dune.

Live Entertainment

There are multiple live entertainments on the desert safari tour. You will enjoy live shows like belly dances, fire shows, live tanoura shows, and falconry.

Food / Buffet

After spending 6 hours in different activities you might feel hungry. So there is a buffet arrangement including veg and non-veg options. You can also enjoy a live bbq.

Desert Safari Locations

Dubai Desert Safari point is 37 KM away from the city. There are different deserts in which you can do the dune bashing. 

Here are the names of Deserts for dune bashing desert safari

Desert Safari Packages / Deals / Prices

Desert Safari Packages / Deals to fit all your needs. Our all packages includes free pick and drop from your hotel.

Desert Safaris in Dubai

Desert Safaris are classified by time, and activities. So you can pick the best desert safari. Here are some most common Desert Safaris

Morning Desert Safaris

If you have something planned for your evening then a morning safari tour is best for you. Or you wanted to go back to your home or hotel before it gets too hot.

1. Early Morning Safari, Experience the Sunrise

Have you ever witnessed the dawn from the desert? Probably not.

Early Morning Safari is a perfect package for those who want to witness the beautiful scenery of sunrise in the desert. You can escape from the hustle and feel the warmth of sun in the cold desert.

Early Morning Safari tour starts before dawn at ±4:00 am. Time changes depending on the time of dawn.

You can enjoy sunrise, camel ride, dune bashing and breakfast.

Early morning safari price

2. Morning Safari With Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Sand Surfing🐪

Morning Safari with dune bashing, camel ride and sand surfing is highly rated and 4 hours long.

It starts at 7:00 am – 9:00 am depending upon your choice you can pick any. Enjoy the thrilling 4×4 Land Cruiser ride to Arabian Desert. You will enjoy the dune bashing ride before going to our Bedouin Camp.

You will be served with a light brunch before taking you back to home/hotel.

Morning Safari with dune bashing, camel ride price

3. Quad Bike Morning Safari

Quad biking is for the thrillers. Do the self ride in the open desert on Quad Bikes. You will be picked up from your hotel and will be taken to the desert.

You can enjoy dune bashing before going to camp. At the camp you will be served with the welcome drinks.

You can enjoy 30 – 45 mins of quad biking in the open desert. It’s 4 hours long tour.

You can enjoy the other morning safari activities.

Quad bike morning safari price

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris are perfect fits for those who get up late and want to meet new people, explore cultural activities, and loves entertainment shows. Evening safari tour has a lot more activities then morning.

1. Evening Desert Safari: Dune Drive, Camel Ride, BBQ Buffet (Upgraded)

Evening desert safari is 7 hours tour with alot of activities. Enjoy the sunset from the highest dune of Lahbab Desert.

Outside the bedouin camp hit the high dunes of Lahbab desert in customised 4×4 Land Cruisers. Surf the sand dunes and explore the desert in camel.

In the camp you can enjoy the cultural dance and many live performances including belly dance, tanoura show, fire men stick show and more.

The tour doesn’t end here. You can get the chance to enjoy the sheesha in bedouin camp.

Henna Tattoo’s are waiting for women’s and children’s.

Remove your hunger and serve your self with the buffet and smoke it with live BBQ 🍖. For veg there are veg options available.

Evening Desert Safari Price

2. Sunset Camel trek With Live Shows & BBQ Buffet

One of the most famous safari among the couple. You don’t wanna do the dune bashing? Don’t do it.

Enjoy the camel ride for 45 minutes and explore the desert and witness the sunset.

After the camel ride you will be taken to our Bedouin camp for the others traditional entertainment activities.

After all those you will be served with live BBQ Buffet.

You can also spend the night over the desert for which you have to switch to overnight desert safari. Otherwise you will be taken back to your hotel/home.

Sunset camel trek with live shows & bbq buffet price

3. Quad Bike Ride Evening Safari

Quad Bike Safari starts with the pick and you have been taken to our Quad Bike center in Red Dunes Lehbab Desert.

From where your thrilling quad bike adventure starts. You will be provided with the briefings and safety equipments.

There will be multiple options for quad bike with different powers. You can pick one of your choice.

You then head to a typical desert camp where you have your BBQ dinner even as you enjoy entertainment shows.

On the tour booking page, you can choose how many will be sitting on one quad bike.

Desert Safari price (for 1 quad bike per two people)

Overnight Desert Safari

You must have spend the nights in your rooftop, but spending the night in the desert under the milky waves is whole another level of expierence.

Overnight Desert Safari is highly recommended for the those who loves the nature and camp sites.

Overnight safari starts with the pick and after that you will be taken to desert. Where you will enjoy quad bike ride, dune bashing, camel trek while enjoying the sunset.

After this you will be taken to our bedouin style Arabian camp.

Here you will enjoy all the evening safari activities. You will have your camp and necessary stuffs with the bonfire.

You will enjoy alot more in the overnight safari. Witness the dawn and experience the break fast in the desert.

Overnight safari price