Let us get this straight! You love to travel and you’re trapped in a 9-5 job. The cubical suffocates you and your manager is always after your life! How about we tell you that there are numerous career options that would let you travel more? We know this sounds too interesting to ignore! SO here, we have listed the best career options that pay you really well and of course, they let you travel endlessly.

However, before we jump onto the career prospects, let us know what all benefits are attached to such a job that lets you travel.

Now let us explore some of the career options with which such benefits tag along.

1. Production House

One of the most creative fields is associated with production houses. Shooting movies, commercials, videos, and TV shows means traveling, A LOT! An added advantage is going places and shooting at the best locations.

Professionals in this industry can earn from $90,000 to 164,000 or even more.

2. Pilot

We know it’s self-explanatory. This is one career that takes you to places, and quite literally. What’s even better is that pilots can fly to different locations in their off time at no cost. So, if you are an avid traveler, here’s one job that can interest you more than anything else. Pilots generally earn between $89,350 to 2, 08, 00 and even more.

3. Travelling Auditor

Traveling auditors work for the government or private organizations. They are responsible for inspections of their clients’ accounts. Education in the accounting domain can lead to you this career path and you may visit places that you may not have seen before. You can earn $70,000 to $1, 20, 00 USD in this industry.

4. Travel Writer

Be it for publications, both online and offline, this is one of the most interesting fields. Professionals, who have a passion for writing, explore and travel, becoming a travel writer can be one of the best job opportunities for you. Writers generally earn $80,000- 1, 20,000 USD and even more based on your experience and industry.

5. Sales Representatives/ Retail Buyers

Another field that demands traveling on a frequent basis is sales and retail management. Sales Representatives often travel for business. It could be to meet international clients or to attend business conclaves. The same goes with the retail buyers. They are generally expected to do full-fledged market research before buying stock. These people generally earn salaries starting from $63,000 USD to 1, 60,000 USD.

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